The Vravrona wetland is situated on the coast of Eastern Attica, in the Municipality of Markopoulo, just 35 km away from Athens. The remarkable landscape has managed to remain almost intact. Erasinos River, the shallow bay on its estuary, the surrounding hills and the cultivated land, have created a rich wild life ecosystem, unique in Attica. The area became well known from 700 BC, when the Temple of Artemis was built. The presence of Erasinos River, the shallow bay, the surrounding hills and the contiguous cultivated land have created a rich ecosystem, really unique in Attica. It combines a landscape of great beauty, rich in biodiversity especially for birds. If you visit the wetland, you will have the opportunity to see pelicans, seagulls, swans, cranes, nightingales, and other species. Among the plants you may see hedgehogs, green toads (frogs) and Mediterranean turtles!
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The city of Spata has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was one of the largest settlements in the Mediterranean region. The statue of an Archaic Sphinx was found there and is one of the most important of the findings of the ancient period dating from 570 - 550 BC. The sphinx is a mythical creature, with the body of a lion, the wings of a bird, and the head of a woman. The body of the sphinx is shown in profile, while the head turns to the front. It wears a garland on its head and a necklace around its neck. Sphinx is made of Pentelic marble.  (On display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens).
Kitesurfing is an adrenaline sport, fun and not too hard to learn, and has a lot of health benefits health as we use our whole body: our legs are used to control the board and push against the power of the kite whereas our torso and arms are used to hold onto the kite and keep the balance. Kitesurfing takes its ideas from a whole range of other sports e.g wakeboarding and power kiting that give the main influences, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding. Οne of the coolest water sports on planet. Loutsa is the most famous spot - all time classic - in Athens that is ideal for Kitesurfing all the year round, with constant wind.  You can find kitesurf schools and instructors that offer a wide range of teaching hours, even on weekends.
Comfort Stay Airport Boutique Hotel, has announced that it will be organizing special events for its guests this summer following its opening on June 1st.“Our life has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. People want to travel and enjoy every single minute of their vacations. That’s why we wish to offer our guests true, authentic ‘philoxenia’, apart from excellent accommodation - by organizing beautiful nights and special events in our yard!” Maria Koukoula (hotel's owner) said in an announcement.Wine tastingAs the area is famous and known from ancient times for wine growing and wine production, the hotel plans to organize wine tasting events, under the guidance of an experienced wine connoisseur, so guests can become familiar with the local wine pallet and the great history of the area.Live musicComfort Stay will hold live musical performances in its yard. The hotel is planning beautiful evenings with food, drink and live music of all kinds for its guests. Greek nights - traditional feasts with live Greek island’s music and non stop dancing with plenty of “kefi*”!*kefi means spirit of joy, euphoria, enthusiasmFood tastingThe hotel will explore the finest of authentic Greek cuisine, including traditional “meze” and other local dishes and desserts for in order to offer a delicious culinary experience for guests.An number of other events are also on Comfort Stay’s calendar, including yoga retreats, cocktail’s night, romantic candles night and cooking classes.“We will be more than happy to welcome guests in this comfortable and safe environment. We will make sure that all of our guests will have pleasant and memorable guest experiences,” Maria says
One of the most beautiful spots of Attica is Cape of Sounio with the Temple of Poseidon (one of the most important monuments of the Golden Age of Athens!) Only around 50 minutes drive from Athens during a traffic-free hour, Sounio, at Attika’s southernmost tip, makes for a perfect day trip. You can easily head there in the morning to enjoy a swim, lunch, a coffee, a sunset clamber up to the stunning Temple of Poseidon and then return to Athens. Together with neighbouring Lavrio (just 8 klm distance from Sounio), there are plenty of things to see and do in this verdant area with crystal clear waters, a special energy, and excellent food.Do not miss swimming in the nearby coves. You can combine your long walk with dinning at nearby tavernas and restaurants.Tip: Archaeological finds on the site date from as early as 700 BC. Herodotus (VI.87) mentions that in sixth century BC, the Athenians celebrated a quinquennial festival at Sounion, which involved Athens' leaders sailing to the cape in a sacred boat.
Our experienced personnel offers:Daily tours in the Historic center of Athens (or half day tour). Walking tour around Acropolis in the narrow streets of the oldest neighborhood of Athens: Plaka, Athen's picturesque old town, and its most beautiful and unknown to many visitors, the Anafiotika area. (With a stop to Monastiraki)Visit to Acropolis (or Sacred Rock) whre the Parthenon lies and other ancient monuments built during the reign of Pericles in the fifth century BC, when Athens was the most important cultural and spiritual center in the world. Visit to the magnificent Acropolis Museum Daily excursions to the Temple of Poseidon! Located at the edge of Cape Sounion at the southern coast of Attica, with a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. Swim in the crystal clear waters or just walk and watch the magnificent sunset! Visit to Marathon Lake: Αn artificial lake at a distance of about 45 km from the center of Athens. (The Athens Classic Marathon traces the route of the 1896 Olympic course, starting in Marathon)Visit to Vravrona, one of the most important archaeological sites in Attica. (one of the 20 municipalities that got together to make up the Athenian State). Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Vravrona, with findings and sculptures from the Early Bronze Age to the Roman period). An excellent chance to buy folk art items from local stores! Further more, visit to Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth in the Biblical footprints of Apostle PaulVisit to the Canal of Isthmus and swimming in Loutraki the Bath City. Ask our front desk for details!